Flight & Fancy Lore

The shop formerly known as Pretty in Power has leveled up!

Hi! I'm Roxas, the bard, artist, and owner of Flight & Fancy! I opened my shop in 2015 to sell a couple of LGBTQ+ pride pinback buttons I'd made on a borrowed button machine. I quickly outgrew both the borrowed machine and the shop. Five years and two button machines later, I've got a new name, a new site, and lots of new merch, but all the same love and passion for my craft!

I've always had a love of fantasy, but I started making RPG-inspired designs when I found that my Dungeons & Dragons games were full of other LGBTQ+ people looking for a place at the table (literally and figuratively). My first RPG-related design was the Alignment Pride pinback button, which remains my most popular design! 

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©2019 by Flight & Fancy. Photography by Vik McKee.